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      0532-80987750 / 0532-80987726 Whatsapp: 0086 17867102089
      Hotline: Whatsapp:0086 17867102089
      Risense history
      Since its establishment in 1998
      • 1998

        In the year of 1998, Qingdao Yifengze Industry Corporation Ltd began to do market research of car wash machine. The Executive Directors unanimously decided to establish the manufacture factory of  automatic car wash machine.

      • 2001

        The semi-touchless car wash machine tested successfully.

      • 2003

        Experienced in producing rollover car wash machine of CF-350.

      • 2006

        Experienced in producing bus car wash machine of CB-730.

      • 2008

        Experienced in producing automatic tunnel car wash machine of CC-690.


      • 2010

        On Jun, 2010, Qingdao Yifengze Industry Corporation Ltd officially changed its name from Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

      • 2011

        On July, 2011,Risense passed certificate of quality system ISO9001 and certificate of environment management system ISO14001.

      • 2012

        On March, 2012, Risense had the ability of producing Japanese car wash equipment.

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